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Carbon Steel Sheet/Coil

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S45C Carbon Steel Coil

Detailed Parameters


Grade notes:  



Carbon   structural steel

cases Q235-A - F, denoted sigma S   is equal to or larger than 235mpa

q is the yield strength a quality   level (there are four ABCD), f boiling steel

low price, process performance   (such as welding and cold forming of excellent.

general engineering structure   and general mechanical parts. Such as Q235 can produce bolt, a nut, a pin, a   hook and less important mechanical parts and building structure of screw   steel, steel, steel, etc.

High   quality carbon structural steel

45, 65Mn, 08F 

the direct representation of the   amount of carbon content of the ten million  

08F carbon mass fraction of low   plasticity is good, the strength is low, for stamping parts such as cars and   instrument shell; 20, plasticity and good weldability, strength for less   demanding parts and carburized parts, such as hood, welded vessels, a small   shaft, nuts, washers and carburized gear.

applications: the manufacture of   important mechanical parts of the non alloy steel, generally used after heat   treatment.

 Carbon tool steel

T12 Steel said carbon tool steel   Wc=1.2%

T and metal containing carbon   amount of scores of thousands 

genus eutectoid and   hypereutectoid steel, high strength and hardness, wear resistance for in   various manufacturing low-speed cutting tool

T7, T8: Production under impact   toughness requirements of parts. Such as sledgehammer, punch, chisel,   woodworking tools, scissors, T9, T10, T11: manufacturing impact smaller   requirements high hardness high abrasion of tools. 

Cast steel

such as ZG200-400, said: S =   200MPa, B = Sigma 400MPa cast steel.


casting performance than iron is   poor, but the mechanical performance is better than cast iron; more important   application

mainly used in the manufacture   of complex shape, high mechanical properties, and in the process and   difficult to use methods such as forging forming mechanical parts, such as   car gearbox shell, locomotive car coupler and coupling and so on.

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