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Online EXPO of Jiangsu HYT starts from 15th June,2020

Our company specializes in Seamless Steel Pipes, Welded Steel Pipes, Shape Steel Tubes, Steel Plates & Steel Sheets.

Now we are attending the SMART EXPO“Same Tune, Shared View with Canton Fai

r ” launched by Made-In-China.

We will keep online reception from June 15 to 24. Welcome to vist our booth!

We will introduce new hot products and activity discounts via video and voice. As lon

g as you meet with me, you can get the coupon of $100 officially issued by Made-In-

China, which can be used to deduct the Online Trading order amount ($100 is deducte

d for $1000).


Name: Jiangsu Region Hall

Meeting time: 2020-06-15 to 2020-06-24 (00:00-23:59)

Meeting Number: 999381481

(Download Made-in-China.com App to enter the meeting room by this meeting number.)

Click the following URL to enter the meeting room directly:



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