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Measures to intervene in coal prices

The recent rapid rise of coal prices, which have hit record highs, has greatly increased the production costs of downstream industries and adversely affected the power supply and winter heating, causing strong reactions from all sectors of society. In view of the above situation, in order to ensure supply and price stability in the coal market, the National Development and Reform Commission organized key coal enterprises, The China Coal Industry Association and the China Electricity Council to hold a coal symposium on the working mechanism of energy supply and supply this winter and next spring on the afternoon of October 19, to study the implementation of intervention measures on coal prices in accordance with the law.


Coal is an important basic energy, which is closely related to the national economy and people's livelihood. At present, the price increase has completely divorced from the fundamentals of supply and demand, and approaching the heating season, the price is still showing a further irrational trend of rising. The National Development and Reform Commission will make full use of all necessary means stipulated in the Price Law to study specific measures to intervene in coal prices, promote the return of coal prices to a reasonable range, promote the return of rationality of the coal market, ensure the security and stable supply of energy, and ensure the people warm winter.


Meeting requirements, coal enterprises to effectively improve the position, set up a sense of the overall situation, take the initiative to do a good job of providing stable prices; Strengthen legal awareness, operate in accordance with the law, and strictly perform mid - and long-term trading contracts; We will actively fulfill our social responsibilities, promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries, ensure the demand for power generation, heat supply and coal for people's livelihood, and facilitate the smooth operation of the economy.


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